Referrals: Technology, Productivity and the Workspace

by CoyDavidson on November 16, 2011

Links to Corporate Real Estate stories around the web:

Technology Changing Demand for Office Space
The workplace is evolving and technology is having an impact on office space demand in a variety of ways. “Functional obsolescence for office space will become something we talk about in a way that we’ve never talked about before” … read more at

12 Remote Work Trends to Achieve (Not Just Predict)
The top trends related to remote work that I believe we need to achieve, not just predict. If we make these trends happen, then remote work will become a meaningful and accessible strategy for managing our everyday work+life fit … read more at Forbes

Work is a Verb Not a Noun
Ken Ashley reports on the discussion from the 2011 CoreNet Global Summit in Atlanta which focused on big demographic shifts, amazing changes in technology and increasing connectivity in the workplace … read more at The Commercial Tenant Resource

How a Revamped Office Environment Can Boost Company Morale
Moving to a new office space, and even with the slightest changes can make a big difference in employee morale … read more at

More, Better, Faster: But How?
It’s no secret that productivity has shot up since the beginning of the recession. One measure, profit per worker, increased by more than 50% between 2009 and 2011. Exactly how and why those improvements have come about, though, is a matter of some debate … read more at

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