Referrals: Flight to Downtown, Alternative Work Strategies, Fostering Collaboration, Millennials & the Houston Office Market

July 15, 2011

Links to Corporate Real Estate stories around the web.

Companies head back downtown
In a bid to attract younger employees, more companies are moving out of the ‘burbs and back in to cities … read more at CNN Money

What do home offices, airport terminals, cafes, and office touchdown areas all have in common?
As part of an overall sustainability strategy, leading companies are innovating beyond traditional workspace practices and are evaluating shifts in the location of work, hours of work and schedule of work hours … read more at CRE3 Forum

Who Moved My Cube?
Open floor plans, or indeed any type of design, can either encourage or discourage informal interactions, depending on a complex interplay of physical and social cues. What are the factors that foster collaboration in the workplace … read more at Harvard Business Review

Top 10 States for Economic Growth, Based on Millennial Population
In the Next 10 Years, Generation Y Will Help Drive the Economy. So Where Are They? … read more at Advertising Age

Energy firms drive Houston office market growth
As Houston continues to lead the nation in new job growth, the local office market is strengthening … read more at The Houston Business Journal

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