Recommended Reading for the Weekend

by CoyDavidson on May 4, 2012

Six Articles to Read This Weekend

CoreNet Global Unveils CRE 2020 Research
CoreNet Global, the world’s leading association of corporate real estate (CRE) and workplace professionals, reveals results from its Corporate Real Estate 2020 transformational research initiative at this week’s San Diego Global Summit.

Where does an 800 lb Commercial Real Estate data aggregator sleep?
Nearly a year since it was first announced, CoStar’s acquisition of LoopNet finally cleared regulatory hurdles and closed this week. Many in the industry have been concerned about this consolidation– as separate companies, both had pretty user-unfriendly pricing (contrary to popular industry sentiment, I find LoopNet’s to be the more onerous of the two on this front, given their focus on end-users), and the obvious concern has the newly formed behemoth cornering the market and backing brokerages and end-users against a wall.

How the Internet Redfines Public Spaces in Cities
As the internet spreads beyond our computer screens and into the physical world, how can we define and distinguish between public and private spaces?

5 Trends in Oil & Gas Technology
Developments in oil and gas (O&G) are often overlooked in tech publications. It’s easy to see how technology is reinventing retail, entertainment, telecommunications, and healthcare, but there’s little discussion of tech’s impact on the universe of companies focused on natural resources extraction.

Austin’s Tech Scene Still Vibrant, but Morphing to Startups
As Austin’s high-tech economy shifts from being dominated by big semiconductor and hardware manufacturing companies with large workforces to a new generation of small, entrepreneurial upstarts, Malauzai could be a precursor of the area’s high-tech future.

The Five Ways Customers Have Changed
We know that if you desire to create distinction in the marketplace, you have to appeal in a unique manner to your customers.However, we also realize that times are changing — and, therefore, it makes sense that customers are changing, too.

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