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by CoyDavidson on January 13, 2012

Trouble Is Brewing for Office Market
Many office property owners that have been able to keep their heads above water are being undone by tenant contractions and the expiration of five-year leases that were signed at the peak of the boom … Wall Street Journal

Facility Management: Getting Ready for Moving to the Cloud
With more and more companies moving their information to the cloud, how will facility IT infrastructure be affected? … Area Development Online

A “Smart” Workspace
People share ideas and communicate faster and more often than ever before since there is no lag time in between daily activities, and no designated time or place for each daily activity. This whirlwind has not been successfully contained in the workplace that we currently know because the spaces themselves are stagnant and inflexible. Welcome to the iOffice … Workspace Design Magazine

Brave new work: The office of tomorrow
Walk into a corporate office a few years from now, and you’ll be struck by how much it physically resembles the office of today. (No delivery guys on hovercraft, no teleportation devices.) People will still sit at desks and meet in conference rooms and get food from the cafeteria. There will be some new gizmos: more tablet computers, for example, and desktop “printers” capable of spot-manufacturing small three-dimensional objects … CNN Money

How To Work From Home Like You Mean It
Working from home requires a new mindset and a good system, not just a nicer pair of pants (but put those on, too) … Fast Company

Business Acumen is the New Sales Acumen
More and more, the disruptive changes that are affecting all businesses are making the attributes and skills of the past less and less valuable to salespeople. Sales acumen is no longer the primary attribute that indicates that a salesperson will succeed. What’s taking precedence over sales acumen? Business acumen is the new sales acumen … The Sales Blog

5 Steps to Operationalizing Social Media in the Enterprise in 2012
If you’re like the majority of companies, your organization is already present on social media channels – sharing content, starting conversations and engaging. The role of social media ownership has probably expanded beyond just one person – the lone social practitioner – and excitement is building around social business to embrace social media across the enterprise… Social Business News

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