5 Articles Worth a Weekend Read

by CoyDavidson on February 4, 2012

Does It Matter Where Your Top Team Sits?
Everywhere I go, executive suites are being reconfigured so that the entire top team can have their offices together. To fit everyone on a single floor, companies are ripping out large private offices and dedicated conference rooms and building smaller, glass-walled offices, flexible conference rooms, self-service kitchens, and informal huddle spaces … Harvard Business Review

Digital Natives: A tech-savvy generation enters the workplace
Digital Natives are the generation born during or after the general introduction of digital technology. While individuals from elder generations recall organizing, planning and interacting with one another without mobile devices, computers or the Internet, Digital Natives have been using these technologies since their early years. They are the same, but different to previous generations … Workspace Design Magazine

U.S. Commercial-Property Prices to Climb 6%, Green Street Says
Commercial-property values in the U.S. probably will climb about 6 percent in the next six months, based on recent trading in real estate investment trusts and fixed-income yields, Green Street Advisors Inc. said … Bloomberg

The Hiring Hare Will Soon Morph Into a Tortoise
U.S. non-farm payrolls posted gains of more than 200,000 in December and January. That pace of hiring helped to bring down the jobless rate, which slipped to a nearly three-year low of 8.3%. Can the labor markets maintain such hippity-hoppity vigor? It seems unlikely. The drags from the euro zone, housing and deleveraging are still weighing on growth prospects. Businesses will not need to add workers at a 200,000-plus monthly pace throughout all of 2012 … WSJ.com

The Freedom of the Cloud
Most would believe that the main reason for cloud computing adoption is cost savings However, it looks like it is not as straightforward as that, and a recent survey from CSC states that “33 percent of survey respondents cited accessibility to information through multiple devices as the most important reason for their decision to adopt cloud computing.” … Enterprise CIO Forum

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