5 Articles to Read this Weekend

by CoyDavidson on November 20, 2011

Organizational Culture and the ‘Built Environment’
For any given organization, culture is the essence of success, failure, growth, and decline. Interestingly, all four of those forces occur at roughly the same time … read more at Workspace Design Magazine

Is Your Culture by Default or by Design?
Depending on the size, geographic spread, and structure, we’ve found organizational culture exists at three levels … read more at Business 2 Community

Is Coworking For Enterprise Workers?
The success of coworking is a reflection of increasingly loose boundaries between business and personal lives. People want to work where they play, play where they work, and above all, do this within the context of a community they chose to be part of. But the question is whether this model, which works well for freelancers, has any application to enterprise users in their company workplace management mix … read more at CloudVirtual Offices

Industrial Re-Evolution
A new work model basedon shared spaces and informal collaborators is transforming startups and product development … read more at metroactive

Consumerization study: IT pros swamped, behind on mobile
The consumerization of IT is a hot topic as employees increasingly bring their beloved gadgets from home to work. But just because it’s much discussed among techies doesn’t mean that most offices are ahead of the curve on this trend … read more at Gigaom

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