4 Articles to Read this Weekend

by CoyDavidson on December 9, 2011

Is Your Workplace Ready for the Interconnected World?
Business is increasingly a team sport that leverages technology to cross borders and time zones. Work is more interconnected and more complex than ever. Our work environment is the pivotal place for helping us navigate this new business world.

Dollar Stores Now Outnumber National Drug Store Chains
The American consumer has spoken: dollar stores are now part of the national shopping habit. As of mid-year 2011, the combined store count of the four major dollar store chains – Dollar General, Dollar Tree, Family Dollar, and 99 Cents Only – has surpassed that of the three biggest national drugstore chains – Walgreens, CVS, and Rite Aid.

Five Common Strategy Mistakes
The five most common mistake that can derail a companies strategy.

“I Don’t Use It But I Totally Get It”
The C-level leader of the future won’t be excused from social business. At very least, a solid functional capability and understanding of social networks will be expected – no different than acumen in finance, marketing and supply chain management. The use of social and professional networks both internally and externally will be as common as email is today.

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