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by CoyDavidson on August 9, 2013


6 Articles to Read this Weekend

The Incredible Shrinking Office: Work Spaces Get Smaller
Employees who feel their place in the office is diminishing are probably right, at least from a literal standpoint. A new study by corporate real estate firm CoreNet Global discovered that the average amount of space each employee has to himself or herself in the office is 150 square feet, down from 225 square feet in 2010 …

4 Ways to Map Your Office Design to Your Company Culture
There are many ways to optimize work spaces to support an organization’s culture. A company’s culture can be comprised of many different messages and behaviors, all of which can be reinforced by the workspace itself. For companies that emphasize collaboration, for example, it is crucial to have spaces available that support the collaborative process … DS&D

6 Office Design Hacks to Attract and Engage Talent
One area that we don’t often cover here is the relationship between office design and its subsequent appeal or lack of appeal to talent. It’s a pity as there is a growing body of research and articles which are beginning to show that good office and workspace design can have an extremely positive effect on staff morale and well being …

9 Ways to Use Your Vertical Spaces
We all multitask at some level: kids, parents and employees. In the workplace, businesses strive for high performance and efficient, flexible work space. Everything seems to work hard including storage that doubles as an extra work surface or raised flooring that hides cabling and allows for flexibility with modular furniture. There is no doubt: everyone, everything and every space is multi- tasking, even your vertical space … turnstone

People, Not Technology Are The Core of Commercial Real Estate
Has technology in support of commercial real estate been a little oversold historically? Coy Davidson thinks so. At least, he says, it has to the degree that CRE listing services, apps, mapping and the like are touted as “disruptive” … The Source

Why Companies Are (Finally) Falling All Over Each Other To Become Best Places To Work
According to a seemingly endless number of research studies–all arriving at the same conclusion–the American workplace has become profoundly destructive to the human spirit. The trends have become all too familiar: Employee engagement and job satisfaction have fallen to modern-day lows, countless workers can’t wait for the job market to fully recover so they can high-tail it out of organizations … Fast Company

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