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by CoyDavidson on September 30, 2012

In case you missed them, here are the top stories from The Tenant Advisor in August.

Three Years of Blogging About CRE
This month marks the third anniversary of my very first blog post on The Tenant Advisor. In September of 2009, I set out to implement a comprehensive social media platform for my commercial real estate practice and from the very beginning this blog was designed to be the centerpiece of my strategy… full article

3 Simple Social Media Tips for Better ROI
While social media as a business development tool is gaining more widespread acceptance among commercial real estate professionals, there are still plenty of skeptics and people that have given it a try with limited success. Here are three simple tips for achieving the elusive Return on Investment (ROI) with social media… full article

Technology & CRE
While it seems like it was much longer, the iPad debuted just over 2.5 years ago and at the time we wondered what impact it would have on business and commercial real estate services. When I wrote about the iPad on my blog most commercial real estate professionals were still scoffing at the idea that social media would creep its way into the mainstream commercial real estate arena… full article

Healthcare Goes Suburban Retail
The retail health clinic and urgent care center market is growing rapidly as consumers prefer to have their physician, urgent care and ambulatory healthcare services closer to where they live. While medical office buildings on or near hospital campuses are still very much in demand, urgent care clinics and freestanding EDs are quickly popping up in fast-growing suburban areas… full article

Building a Startup Environment into Your Office Space
No longer do the standard white whiles and tall cubicles work for the modern office. Gen Y employees and the ever-growing startup industry have forced businesses to reconsider the way they build and put together an office… full article

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