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by CoyDavidson on December 1, 2012

In case you missed them, here are the top five stories from The Tenant Advisor in November.

How to Structure a More Flexible Office Lease
In today’s economy where business cycles are more volatile shorter term leases provide the best flexibility to react to changing business conditions, but don’t make sense in the long-run for established businesses. What options do office tenants have to structure more flexibility into their longer term leases and avoid less cost effective short-term leases? … read more

How to Share Great Content on the Social Web in 30 Minutes per Day
Some time next month, I will have tweeted 30,000 times and will reach 13,000 twitter followers. My facebook page has over 750 fans and I am connected to over 800 professionals on LinkedIn. I have built this extended network by sharing interesting content to my social accounts. Mind you these benchmarks have taken over 3 years of daily participation on the big 3 social networks. Your first question might be who has time for that? Anyone does, the secret is to incorporate a few tools that minimize your time spend on Social Media… read more

My Thanksgiving Thoughts on CRE
The spirit of Thanksgiving, at least in how I was raised is to give thanks for the blessings in our life. Of course it is natural to think about what we value most and for me these are some of the things you might expect, my savior Jesus Christ, my kids and family, my friends, my country, my career and thankfully good health.So since Thanksgiving is upon us, I would be remiss to acknowledge the industry in which I earn a living and am grateful to be just as passionate about right this moment as the day I embarked on this career path some 22 years ago. So what about CRE am I thankful for? … read more

Mobility Enables the Activity Based Workplace
Mobility is Emerging as the Key Driver of Change in the Workplace. Enterprise mobility is now made possible through advances in technology such as cloud and mobile computing. The Activity Based Workplace (ABW) or Results Only Work Environment (ROWE) is where employees in participating departments are allowed to work virtually anywhere, anytime, as long as they successfully complete their assignments on time and is made possible by workplace mobility. An ABW approach requires new IT policies and expansion of mobile system capacity and technologies… read more

The Economy and the Great Office Space Reboot
Those of us in the commercial real estate industry have read often and in some cases written about the impact of technology, changing demographics in the workplace and a host of other factors are having on office space in the enterprise. Some forward thinking companies are out in front in looking at and implementing innovative new office space strategies. However, I believe for a significant proportion of companies there has been more discussion than implementation and when it comes to controlling office space costs…read more

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