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by CoyDavidson on August 1, 2013


In case you missed them, here are the most popular posts of the past month from The Tenant Advisor.

Real Estate Has Always Been A Social Business
Today we shouldn’t even be having the conversation about whether social media has value in the business world and for commercial real estate professionals. I think that question has been answered, but only a small percentage have learned how to effectively initiate and nurture new business relationships that begin online. Social Media is two words and the commercial real estate industry gets the media part, it’s just surprising that most don’t get the first word, because real estate has always been a “social business.” … read the full article

Chevron Set to Expand Urban Campus in Downtown Houston
Amazon has one of the biggest urban corporate office campuses in the world and it receives considerable publicity. Down here in Houston, there is an energy giant that is quietly assembling a massive urban corporate campus in the Central Business District and it’s about to get bigger … read the full article

What is Houston’s Image?
I was recently a guest on KUHF’s Houston Matters along with the President and CEO of the Greater Houston Convention and Visitors Bureau, Greg Ortale and And Elise Hu, a reporter who covers the intersection of technology and culture for NPR. The topic of our discussion was the image of Houston from the perspective of people who don’t live in our city … read the full article

Employee Morale and Your Office Design
Office design doesn’t just create a certain kind of impression for visitors or clients; it can significantly affect employee morale and productivity. Everyone prefers to work in pleasing surroundings of course, but beyond that, if an office is set up in such a way that workers are in environments that are too distracting, too isolated or too awkward for the tasks they need to complete, their performance will suffer … read the full article

Healthcare a Prescription for Job Growth
We are all aware that job growth in the current economic recovery has been tepid. The one industry where job growth has prospered over the last decade is healthcare. According to Brookings, the healthcare industry has added 2.6 million jobs nationwide in the last 10 years which is a 22.7% employment growth rate over the period as compared to 2.1% for all other industries … read the full article

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