Top 5 Posts for October

October 31, 2012

No complaints, but October was a super busy month for me and I didn’t post as frequently as usual. However, in case you missed them, here are the top five stories from The Tenant Advisor in October.

Hacking the Office Building
Here is a very interesting video from Gensler taking a look at the office building of the future. Their research looks to answer the question as to whether new single purpose office buildings will be needed in the future as the nature of work drastically changes from housing employees to serving employees… read the full article

CoWorking: A Glimpse at Tomorrow’s Office
The nature of the workplace is quickly changing. How, when and where we work is shifting in the enterprise driven primarily by 24/7 connectivity, as we are no longer required to be tied our desks in the expanding knowledge economy…read the full article

The Social Web and Commercial Real Estate: A Fad or Standard Business Practice?
I have written about the use of the social web in commercial real estate quite often in my three years of blogging. I didn’t realize how much until I went back and reviewed all the blog posts. I have aggregated the links to these articles into this post. What I found interesting is to examine how the tone of my writing on the subject evolved from the very first post until the present… read the full article

Eyes Wide Shut
InkHouse Media + Marketing a boutique communications agency based in Massachusetts posted a great article on their blog this week titled, “Three Ways Commercial Real Estate Firms Should Change Their Public Relations Strategy.” The post summarizes the commercial real estate industry and its lack of innovation in terms of public relations strategies in the social media age… read the full article

New Expectations for the Workplace
In a world of ever-increasing demand for work flexibility, companies should start to look at the benefits of implementing a more flexible work schedule and collaborative workspace environments… read the full article

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