Top 5 Posts for August

by CoyDavidson on September 1, 2012

In case you missed them, here are the top five stories from The Tenant Advisor in August.

Is Facebook for CRE?
The general sentiment among commercial real estate professionals is that Facebook is not an effective tool to promote your business. Since I use all the major social networks extensively, I have a contrarian view based on actual experience and real results … read the full article

Same As It “Never” Was
The trend of denser office layouts, fewer and smaller private offices, collaborative work areas and mobile work strategies have become top priorities for many corporate office tenants. Corporate real estate departments have always been about controlling costs and maximizing efficiency, but today we enter a brave new world … read the full article

Know Your Numbers
Today, computer software makes it relatively easy to crunch the numbers and produce impressive looking reports. However, I am often surprised at how many agents even with a few years experience lack the financial expertise to speak the CFO’s language and effectively advise their clients … read the full article

Shuttered Bank Branches Create New Opportunities for Retail and Healthcare
While the future of Branch Banking is still being debated, the fact remains many of the branches slated for closing are located in prime, highly visible locations and create new opportunities particularly for retail and healthcare, which is an industry increasingly taking a retail centric approach to site selection of new facilities, with an increasing emphasis on convenience … read the full article

Three Posts for a Better Office Build-Out
The cost to build-out office space for a particular tenant’s needs is a key aspect of any lease transaction and if a dispute arises after the fact, it is often a design or construction issue. In addition, decisions around design, finishes and construction are one of the three key drivers of occupancy costs for office space users … read the full article

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