The Best of The Tenant Advisor in 2012

by CoyDavidson on December 18, 2012

The Year in Review

Thankfully this has been a busy year business wise and while it has been more challenging to find the time to blog, it hasn’t deterred me from posting as much content as possible on The Tenant Advisor. There are a little less than two weeks left in the year and I have hit “publish” more than 300 times in WordPress in 2012. I try and stay focused on a handful of subjects without straying too much from the core focus of my blog. Below is summary of my posts from 2012 that seemed to resonate most with my readers either in terms of total views, social sharing and comments.

Corporate Real Estate Trends

The evolving and rapidly changing workplace is placing increase emphasis on corporate real estate strategy as the enterprise continues its quest to maximize productivity, control real estate costs while attracting and retaining top employee talent. CRE is now more widely regarded as a key driver in the enterprise business model.

Office Leasing Tips & Best Practices

While it is easy to get caught up in the latest trends and hot topics some good old fashion leasing tips and best practices are often some of the most popular articles on The Tenant Advisor.


I don’t think that many would argue the premises that new technology is the major driver of change in the workplace. The rapid advancement of communication technologies is having a huge impact on how we use office space as well as how commercial real estate professionals will do business going forward.

Healthcare Real Estate

The big story in healthcare and real estate this year was the Affordable Care Act and many had an opinion on how it would impact the medical office space market. In addition, hospital systems and healthcare organizations begin looking at new business models and real estate strategies.

Social Media & CRE

Since, I am probably one of the most prolific users of social media in the commercial real estate industry; of course I posted on the subject matter numerous times. We did see commercial real estate professionals increasingly participate on the social web in 2012. However, wide spread adoption of this medium as a business tool is still eons away and most commercial real estate professionals still struggle with the best practices that drive meaningful results to their business.

A Huge Thank You!

Finally I want to extend my gratitude to all my readers. There were over 67,000 unique visitors to the Tenant Advisor in 2012 that made some 88,000 visits and consumed over 150,000 pages of content and I did it while rarely using the term “bifurcated’ or “Gateway City.” I didn’t know where this endeavor would take me when I started some three years ago, but it has been rewarding beyond my expectations.

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