Most Popular Posts for May

by CoyDavidson on June 1, 2013

In case you missed them, here are the most popular posts of the past month from The Tenant Advisor.

Why Young CRE Brokers Should be Building their Online Presence
Commercial real estate professionals were very skeptical of social media three years ago and while there is less skepticism today, most are still reluctant to jump in with a real effort. No matter what your view of social media as a tool for commercial real estate brokerage is, do you really think the internet isn’t going to increasingly impact how business is done? … read the full article

The Birth and Death of the Office Cubicle
Those of us in the office leasing and design business have all taken notice of the latest trends in corporate workspaces and the fact that many companies today are taking down the cubicle walls and opting for more open and collaborative workspaces … read the full article

Inside the New Colliers Houston Office
We recently relocated our office and I have had repeated requests to post some photos. I don’t think anyone is going to mistake this post for one from Office Snapshots and while my photography skills are limited, staged none of the photos and took these shots with my iPhone5, I did the best I could … read the full article

The Impact of Innovation on CRE
New technology and innovation is impacting every sector of commercial real estate from office, to industrial and retail. Colliers International CEO, Doug Frye on the accelerating pace of innovation and its impact on commercial real estate … read the full article

Headed Back to the Office
Over the past two years, I have spent more time working outside the office than ever before in my 23 year career. Initially this was driven by two factors (1) advances in technology that enabled me to access anything I needed in terms of resources from just about anywhere, and (2) a better work/life balance … read the full article

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