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by CoyDavidson on September 5, 2012

Earlier this week, I wrote about my experience of blogging about commercial real estate for the past three years. While I have over 600 subscribers to The Tenant Advisor, the majority of my visitors come from search queries, primarily Google. While recent posts have not been online long enough to be among the most viewed, it is interesting to see which posts have received the most traffic. Here are most my viewed posts of all-time.

  1. Understanding the Common Area Factor: Rentable vs Useable Square Feet
  2. Negotiating the Tenant Improvement Allowance
  3. The Cost of an Office Build-Out
  4. Build to Suit Office Space
  5. Negotiating the Renewal Option
  6. The Nuances of Leasing Medical Office Space
  7. How Much Office Space Do You Lease? Do You Really Know?
  8. Office Space Density: The New Workspace Metric
  9. Financial Analysis for Office Lease Transactions
  10. The Importance of Assignment and Subletting Clauses in Commercial Leases

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