Houston is a Healthcare City

by CoyDavidson on September 20, 2013

Healthcare Real Estate Primer

Houston is know as the energy capital of the world and its reputation as an oil and gas town is well documented. What many outside of the region don’t know is that Houston is a major healthcare hub and home to one of the largest medical complexes in the world, The Texas Medical Center.

While the energy industry has been primarily responsible for Houston’s stellar job growth and robust economy, Healthcare job growth is running a close second to the oil and gas sector. All you have to do is scan the recent headlines of the Houston Chronicle or Houston Business Journal and you will see many headlines detailing major hospital system expansions, new construction and merger and acquisition activity.

Below are a few of my posts detailing the latest trends in Healthcare real estate and the Houston medical office market.

Healthcare Real Estate Trends
I recently attended the InterFace Healthcare Real Estate Conference in Dallas where many developers, lenders, hospital system executives and service providers came together for a one day conference to network and discuss the latest trends in healthcare real estate. Candidly, I didn’t hear anything new that I have not heard over the past 18 months already, since I am active in the healthcare sector, but the event was still worth the time.Here is a summary of the key takeaways from the conference … read the full article

Healthcare a Prescription for Job Growth
We are all aware that job growth in the current economic recovery has been tepid. The one industry where job growth has prospered over the last decade is healthcare. According to Brookings, the healthcare industry has added 2.6 million jobs nationwide in the last 10 years which is a 22.7% employment growth rate over the period as compared to 2.1% for all other industries … read the full article

Healthcare Goes Suburban Retail
The retail health clinic and urgent care center market is growing rapidly as consumers prefer to have their physician, urgent care and ambulatory healthcare services closer to where they live. While medical office buildings on or near hospital campuses are still very much in demand, urgent care clinics and freestanding EDs are quickly popping up in fast-growing suburban areas located in shopping centers or freestanding pad sites. More consumers are using retail clinics and urgent care centers as their first point of entry to the healthcare system and urgent care and ambulatory care facilities are a low-cost alternative to hospitals’ emergency rooms where rapidly escalating overhead costs and long wait times are the norm … read the full article

The Nuances of Leasing Medical Office Space
Medical office space users and physician practices don’t typically relocate to new buildings as often as general office tenants. However, the competition for new patients is increasingly steering physician practices to non-hospital campus properties as they seek more conveniently accessible locations for their patient base.This trend is evident in the increased development of smaller suburban medical office projects and urgent care clinics you see in any significant metropolitan community. Furthermore it is increasingly common to see healthcare providers take space in smaller community retail centers near hospital campuses … read the full article

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