Earned History

by CoyDavidson on November 2, 2017

Hell and High Water Came, and Now We Get our Taste of History

I hope my readers will indulge me to post on a subject from “out of left field” that doesn’t have much to do with commercial real estate. You may or may not be a baseball fan but by now you know that the Houston Astros won their first world series in franchise history. Of course, it is exciting for any city when one of their sports teams wins it all. There has not been much of that in my hometown of Houston. The Houston Rockets won back to back world championships in the mid 1990’s and that previously had been the city’s only major sports franchises world championships.

More importantly, just a couple months ago Hurricane Harvey devastated Houston and it seemed like half the city was under-water. A city whose economy and real estate market that has still yet to fully recover from the energy downturn.

Houston Strong

The city had already “come together” to help each other recover from the damage so many people experienced from Hurricane Harvey. As the Astros began their 2017 playoff run, we all eagerly looked forward for something to cheer about. First a victory over the Red Sox and the excitement began to build, then a victory over the Yankees  and on to the World Series against the Dodgers and this city was on fire. We crowded around our TV sets with family and friends and filled the sports bars to root on our beloved Astros and they delivered for a city that badly needed something to celebrate.

I said after the Hurricane that I had no doubt this city would bounce back quicker than many expected. Thanks to the Astros my hometown is even more energized. I came across this commercial that Budweiser released right after the Astros game 7 victory over the Dodgers. The commercial really sums up the spirit of Houstonians right now.

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