Healthcare Real Estate: Be the Doctor

by CoyDavidson on July 18, 2012

A Real Estate Rx for the Healthcare Provider

Early in my career, one of my mentors used to always tell me to “be the doctor.” What he meant was, don’t be the type of broker that just presents options and doesn’t give the client your opinion. The analogy was, that if you go to the doctor with some medical issue or ailment, he or she will explain your options, but ultimately recommend what they believe to the best treatment.

Healthcare organizations are not like most other real estate users. Your organization has unique needs which affect both profitability and efficiency, and today economic and political factors are creating even more risk associated with your real estate decisions.

Here are a few of my Healthcare Real Estate posts:

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The Nuances of Leasing Medical Office Space
Medical users and physician practices don’t typically relocate to new buildings as often as general office tenants. However, the competition for new patients is increasingly steering physician practices to non-hospital campus properties as they seek more conveniently accessible locations for their patient base. This trend is evident in the increased… read more

Retail Dimensions of Health Care Report Part I
The world of retail today is all about adapting to the rapidly evolving needs of consumers. Now, other industries are beginning to adopt the retail mindset — both in terms of developing a responsive, customer-centric approach and a retail-centered location strategy. Health care is one of the primary frontiers for this kind of “retailization.”… read more

Leasing Retail for Medical Use
Consumer demands are driving a shift in the mindset and strategies of health care providers. This includes moving to more convenient locations, which are often in retail settings. As the disciplines of healthcare property selection and retail real estate merge, healthcare providers should keep a few issues in mind as they evaluate repurposing traditional retail property…. read more

Hospital System Real Estate Strategies for Primary Care – Part One
Population Health Management and the transition of healthcare delivery is driving new corporate real estate strategies as Health Systems are increasingly building or leasing new outpatient facilities for treating patients outside the hospital campus setting, often in suburban markets… read more

Big Data and Healthcare Site Selection
Today, healthcare providers face a variety of uncertainties due to expanding regulations, shifting demographics and increased competition. In part one of this series we looked at some of the real estate challenges health systems face in delivering primary care and outpatient healthcare services to the markets they serve. Historically, primary care physicians… read more

Should I Own or Lease My Office Space?
This is a question I have heard many times from clients over my 20 year career, typically when lease rates are at historical highs or property values drop and begin to look attractive. I think without question that recent economic and real estate market conditions have created opportunities for corporate users to acquire properties for their operational use with attractive financial terms… read more

Healthcare Goes Suburban Retail
The retail health clinic and urgent care center market is growing rapidly as consumers prefer to have their physician, urgent care and ambulatory healthcare services closer to where they live. While medical office buildings on or near hospital campuses are still very much in demand, urgent care clinics and freestanding EDs are quickly popping up in fast-growing suburban areas located in shopping centers or freestanding pad sites… read more

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