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by CoyDavidson on August 5, 2010

The 8th Trait: Adding Value Beyond the Transaction

Last November, I wrote a post on this blog titled “The Seven Habits of the Highly Effective Tenant Rep“.  As I recently revisited that blog post it occurred to me the title should have been the named“ The Seven Traits of the Highly Effective Tenant Rep” because the seven qualities I described were really traits and not habits, but then again it would not have been a play on the title of the popular book by Stephen Covey.

Those traits were:

  1. Technical Skill
  2. Market Knowledge
  3. Experience
  4. Trust
  5. Communication
  6. Creativity; and
  7. Vision

These are the qualities the most successful commercial real estate professionals possess. However, many of your very best competitors also possess the qualities, so the challenge is to gain an edge on your stiff competition.

Differentiating Yourself from Your Competition

So how can you stand out from the very best in your market? How about being a resource for your clients beyond the realm of the real estate transaction or the services you provide.

Nothing is more valuable or appreciated than referring business to your client or making a strategic introduction to someone you know will be of value to their business; or

Do you have some expertise in some area beyond the realm of real estate that can be of value to your client? Personally, I stumbled on something myself that I didn’t realize as an opportunity, until my clients began to ask for help.  Several of my clients began to recognize what I was doing in the Social Media space and asked if I could, either visit with them about Social Media Marketing or help them get started with a Social Media initiative. Did I ask to be compensated for it? Hell no! I have no desire to be a social media consultant, I would much rather be negotiating office leases or helping  my clients make sound corporate real estate decisions, but I was eager to help with my newfound knowledge outside the real estate arena.

My point is nothing makes a bigger statement about how much you appreciate and value their business than providing some expertise and value outside the scope of your services, pro-bono of course. You can expect the effort won’t go unrewarded.  That my friends is a “silver bullet”.

What is your unique area of expertise outside your core service?

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