Coworking vs. The Office for the Enterprise

by CoyDavidson on April 23, 2012

Coworking In the Enterprise is a Culture Strategy

I came across the video embedded below that Deskmag shared on their facebook page. I watched it twice and not sure exactly the message the creator was attempting to send and viewers will certainly draw their own conclusions. I have previously stated that I have embraced the coworking movement and believe it will be an increasingly utilized alternative office strategy for enterprise employees.

5 Simple Lessons Corporate Should Learn from CoWorking

It’s Not an Either/Or Proposition

My point is that I don’t see coworking versus the office as an either/or proposition and I see its future as a part-time solution. I have posted in the past on the importance of face-to-face collaboration. I believe the power of the coworking environment is the very reason the office will remain important. In the future a coworking operation stipend may be an valuable benefit for certain enterprise employees. Eliminating commute times at least part of the time will be valuable perk to attract and retain key talent.

However, in my opinion the future for the corporate enterprise is to create more of a coworking like environment within their own walls. I see it more as a culture strategy than a location strategy. I think that is the message the video creator was trying to send. What do you think?

  • Eric

    Hey Coy, I’am eric, the author of this video and cofounder of Mutinerie ( . You’re right on your points. This video aims at identifying the learnings from coworking that corporation could use to build their offices. Coworking and corporations will surely eventually collaborate and influence each other. 

  • Hey Eric, thanks for bringing your perspective, really great work!

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