Envisioning the Future of Business and the Changing Nature of Work

by CoyDavidson on June 18, 2012

Corporate Real Estate 2020

CoreNet Global, the world’s leading association of corporate real estate (CRE) and workplace professionals, revealed results from its Corporate Real Estate 2020 transformational research initiative at the recent San Diego Global Summit.

The year-long Corporate Real Estate 2020 project brings together hundreds of CRE global thought leaders to analyze and parse the industry’s current and future state, and includes interviews with more than 150 CRE executives, service providers and economic developers. Overall, Corporate Real Estate 2020 examines a wide range of external and macro-economic, societal, political and other influences, triangulating these drivers against trends affecting the globally networked enterprise and CRE itself.

Corporate Real Estate 2020 delved into eight industry domains, including Enterprise Leadership, Location Strategy and the Role of Place, Portfolio Optimization and Asset Management, Service Delivery and Outsourcing, Sustainability, Technology Tools, Workplace and Partnering with Key Support Functions. Each team focused its research on six to eight Bold Statements.

Below is the Executive Summary:

CRE 2020 Executive Summary

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