Where do you want to go today?

by CoyDavidson on February 13, 2010

I have to remind my clients occasionally that our ability to service there corporate real estate needs extends beyond the borders of the Greater Houston area.  For example, I just completed a transaction in Tacoma, Washington for a client (Orion Marine Group) with the assistance of two outstanding broker partners in the Seattle office of Colliers International. When I say I completed the transaction, I should clarify that my broker partners in our Seattle office carried the lion’s share of the assignment beginning with the market evaluation, selection of candidate properties, due diligence, lease negotiations and lease documentation.

Orion acquires marine equipment, sets up West Coast operations

So what was my role in the transaction? Well first of all I selected the brokers in our Seattle office to begin with making sure the team with the appropriate expertise for this assignment would be working with us. My primary role was to collaborate with my partners to insure the assignment stayed on track and met my clients challenging time schedule, as securing a new real estate facility was a critical part of a larger business acquisition. My active involvement is really an issue of my client’s confidence that I would make sure there objectives would be met. Over the course of the transaction, my broker partners performance rapidly gained the confidence of our client and made my role easy, but that is also a two way street. My past experience in working with my client’s executive management team and legal counsel also made my broker partner’s job easier. There were key times during the transaction where I could put my stamp of approval on a recommendation and explain issues in a language I know they understand and they trusted the accountability on this assignment I welcomed.

I realize this post will be viewed as self promotional, but my point here is that there are real advantages to working with a global real estate services firm that can service your needs in markets around the world and across multiple disciplines. My focus and expertise is in the office market. This particular transaction was a specialized industrial property, a marine related facility within the Port of Tacoma. This is a niche I have limited experience with in Houston, much less another market on the west coast. However, I know my client and how they expect a real estate transaction to be managed. This combined with my partners outstanding market knowledge and expertise in their market niche resulted in the right property at favorable terms delivered on my client’s time schedule. I suppose if I worked with a smaller local firm, I could have interviewed brokers in Seattle to partner with on this assignment, but that could have taken a week or two to find the right partner. I remember these words from my client when I received the initial phone call “this is what we need and we need it fast“. I made a phone call to Seattle, and two days later my client flew to Seattle to tour properties and the following week negotiations commenced on the property we ultimately secured. Outstanding performance no doubt, but it is the kind of responsiveness and diligence we expect from our Colliers colleagues.

So where do you want to go today?

Colliers International has 480 offices in 61 countries around the world.

During my career, I have been involved in transactions in various markets including: Austin, Dallas, San Antonio, Phoenix, St. Louis, Cleveland, Miami and Seattle. Where do you want to go today; New York, Chicago, London, Asia, South America? I look forward to assembling the team to meet your real estate objectives.

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