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by CoyDavidson on March 24, 2011

Changing lives – one bike at a time

Today, on this gorgeous, sunny day, I am forced to ride around in a battery powered vehicle with a couple of clients, while sipping on cold refreshments (guess what kind) and attempting to hit a little white ball. I know your thinking, how will you get through the day? However, it is all for a good cause.

2011 Colliers Charity Golf Classic

This year’s charity beneficiary is Elves & More. By partnering with school and community leaders, Elves & More is changing lives – one bike at a time. Providing bicycles to under privileged children allows them to get to after school events, tutors, mentors, and jobs. Visit Elves & More on Facebook.

The Colliers | Houston Charity Golf Classic is always a fun event and we couldn’t do it without our sponsors.

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