Headed Back to the Office

by CoyDavidson on May 16, 2013

Office Space Matters

Over the past two years, I have spent more time working outside the office than ever before in my 23 year career. Initially this was driven by two factors (1) advances in technology that enabled me to access anything I needed in terms of resources from just about anywhere, and (2) a better work/life balance given that I live 35 miles from our office, which is a 75 minute commute at peak traffic hours. Who wants to spend 2.5 hours on the freeway everyday?

There are times when working from home that I seemed more productive, particularly when working on a task or project that required focus without interruptions. However, recently it occurred to me I was feeling detached from the office and I was missing too much of the interaction and collaboration with my colleagues. Great ideas are born and problems often solved in hallway or kitchen conversations. More importantly, I missed the energy from being around my colleagues.

We just this past week moved into our new offices. Yes, I will post some pictures when the boxes and crates are gone and all the finishing touches have been completed. I still don’t even have my office area set up properly.

The new space is awesome. Our new space design isn’t radically different than our old space. Most of us still have private offices, but the cubicle walls aren’t as tall and the floor is dotted with more collaborative meeting areas equipped with the latest technology. While we still have our much needed privacy, the space has a much more open feel. Every office has a glass wall and there is a ton of natural light flowing into the space. In the center, is the kitchen, a much bigger and nicer kitchen. We haven’t even been there a full week, but I have noticed people gathering there more frequently and having extended conversations.

Today, I had two meetings near my home before lunch and normally would have not given any thought to heading in the office after those meetings. I would have just worked the remainder of the day from home. However, I found myself wanting to go to the office, to be in the middle of the action. I can see how some subtle changes to our office will change our culture for the better. There is a new energy permeating and while I will still work from home when it makes sense to do so, I am headed back to the office.

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  • Allen Buchanan

    I find that the transit time is more productive with today’s technology…whether texting while driving…jk…seriously, hands free conversations en route, email responses while waiting for a client, modifying docs with IAnnotate, video virtual tours, etc.

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