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An Omission on Duke Long’s List of 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People 2017

Duke Long has his lists, a bunch of them in fact. Most everybody in commercial real estate wants to be on his lists. Why? it is going to get you a ton of exposure. If you make one of his list, well all of sudden you are going to get a ton of LinkedIn connection requests, I must have had a hundred this week, and your twitter follower count will grow exponentially and you will probably even get a few facebook friend requests from people you don’t even know.

This past week Duke published an update for 2017 for one of his many lists; Top 10 Most Influential Online Commercial Real Estate People 2017.

Did I make the list? Yes, I was number two. My friends Ken Ashley, Allen Buchanan and Barbi Reuter, who I missed on her visit to Houston this week for the CREW convention, were also on the list and that is the real honor to recognized among that stellar group of people.

I have been named to quite a few top something lists and I am appreciative to everyone who recognizes me. My gorgeous wife asks me If I pay these people to put me on these lists. I am just a regular guy who puts commercial real estate deals together for a living and posts a bunch of stuff online. I wasn’t surprised to make Duke’s list and while my past efforts might deserve some recognition, Duke and I are friends and I will probably always make my his lists, unless he decides to mess with my head and leave me off someday.

Duke Long is the List

However here is my real point. Let’s recognize who the real most influential online commercial real estate person. Mr. Duke Long, “the Godfather.” When I first discovered Duke online some 8-9 years ago, my first thoughts were “who is this guy?” If you know Duke he has his own very unique online persona. He actually kind of irritated me at first. Then he came up with the lists, and I was thinking to my self, “why didn’t I think of that?” I finally got to meet Duke Long face-to-face at one of the first CRE Tech events in New York City in 2013, helluva Dude, the world’s greatest wingman and truly nice guy. We have been friends ever since and truly admire what he has done to become “the voice” of the commercial real estate tech sector. So here is my list, there is one person on it. Duke doesn’t need to be on a list, he is the list, well done my friend!

P.S. Despite my admiration for Duke, there is no way in hell I am dressing up like Duke Long for Halloween.

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