The Most Interesting CRE Bloggers in the World

by CoyDavidson on December 21, 2010

When I started ‘The Tenant Advisor’ 15 months ago, one of the first exercises I went through was to look for professionals from my industry who were utilizing a blog in their business. The reality was there were very few, in fact you could count them on one hand, and like me most were just getting started. Today there are many more CRE professionals jumping into the blogosphere, and I suppose when I sit down to write this post at the end of 2011, there will be more many more to consider and some who will have faded away.

Blogging is Harder than it Looks

I recognize the time and effort involved to consistently deliver fresh content for your site. The challenge to be intersting to readers in hopes they return as well as provide value to our clients and potential clients is never ending. After all, I believe most of us are blogging with the goal of creating more business and not with aspirations to be journalists or publishers. Let’s face it though, the impact of the proposed changes to corporate lease accounting standards or the differences between rentable and useable square feet are not the sexiest of subjects to even most business people who are responsible for the commercial space they use.

Every blogger has a different approach to their content, whether they post often with quick bits of information or less frequently with a more detailed whitepaper approach to subject matter. There is no right or wrong way and delivering the content that finds the right balance between providing value to the potential client and being entertaining enough to capture five minutes of their attention is a skill that will only develop from trial and error. So whatever their style, I applaud the following corporate real estate professionals for finding that right balance more often than not.

Below are links to their sites as well as one of their interesting posts from 2010.

I should note these are commercial real estate professionals with backgrounds in corporate real estate management or as transactional service providers, who blog with a primary focus on the corporate real estate user. There are others out there in the commercial real estate landscape with blogs that deserve the same recognition. I applaud them all for taking the social risk. I could begin to list the names, but this is about interesting blog content related to my specific niche.

The title of this blog post might offend someone left off the list or perhaps some might not think they deserve the recognition. I will remind you what I mentioned about capturing people’s attention. A catchy headline is important.

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