Technology is Great, But …

by CoyDavidson on May 13, 2012

You Still Have to Do the Groundwork

I recently spent the afternoon scouting development sites for one of my user clients looking to build a new office building. One of the first tasks was to conduct an internet search via LoopNet and CoStar to identify potential sites which uncovered several candidate properties for consideration.

However, as any good professional would do, I took the time to get in my SUV and drive the geographic boundaries of the requirement. The LoopNet and CoStar iPad applications were very helpful in conducting my search, but I still found a handful of sites on the market that are nowhere to be found on the internet and a couple vacant land sites apparently not on the market that warrant further investigation.

Real Estate professionals don’t always have their listings submitted to the popular internet listing sites, so no matter how helpful these technology tools are, you still have to do the “old school” groundwork. In addition, there is tremendous value in eyeballing candidate properties to get a better feel to how particular sites measure up to your client’s requirement and objectives.

Today, with all the new technology, there is a tendency to take the shortcuts and be a desktop broker and save time, but this approach is doing a disservice to your client.

  • This is a great reminder that database info is only a guide – not an absolute source. 

  • This only shows that the advancement of technology really helps a lot in doing things accessibility. Ground works and transactions are still necessity!   

  • You can never rely too much on technology, they are still man made.

  • Technology can only do so much. Even if the gadgets that we have are called “smart”, they are only as smart as the user is in using it to his/her advantage. We have to remember that these gadgets ALSO rely on us for the information we input and not just the other way around.

  • As of these days they are one of the most helpful and reliable buddy we could have in doing various works! But then again the output always come from hand works and effort of man. 

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