Corporate Real Estate Benchmarking

by CoyDavidson on October 21, 2010

CRE3 Consulting Releases CRE Benchmarking Whitepaper

CRE3 Consulting has released its Corporate Real Estate Benchmarking Whitepaper. CRE3 invited 771 corporate real estate and facility managment professionals to take in a survey to form the basis of the whitepaper.

The results validate the notion of a convergence occurring in the corporate real estate industry. For CRE professionals the convergence is bringing together:

  • The intensifying focus real estate will receive from the C-Suite as a result of the FAS 13 changes coming into effect in January 2012 that will capitalize future rent obligations bringing milions/billions of dollars onto the balance sheet;
  • The increasing need for organizations to reduce real estate related expenses through lower occupancy costs; and
  • The desire among corporate leaders to achieve environmental sustainability through LEEDS certified design principles, effective energy management and building efficiency.

This post is courtesy of Larry Simpson, Principal  and Founder of CRE3 Consulting. More information is available on his blog CRE3 Forum.

About CRE3 Consulting: CRE3 Consulting provides solutions for corporate real estate organizations and the service providers that support them to address the Economics, Efficiency, and Environmental Sustainability of leased and owned facilities. The firm assists organizations develop the “blue print” of a strategic plan designed to implement portfolio-wide initiatives that reduce occupancy costs, increase operational efficiency, and contribute to sustainability initiatives.

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